Saturday, November 14, 2020

Child Velvet Sweater




Bernat Crushed Velvet Deep Gray

J 6.0 mm crochet hook

Yarn needle



Ch 76.

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each st to end.

Row 2– 5: Ch 2, Fpdc in next st, Bpdc in next st, repeat to end. Sl st ends together.

Round 6– 30: Ch 2, hdc in each st. Do not cut the yarn.

Round 31: Ch 2, hdc in next 27 st’s, turn, repeat until you get to 41 rows.

Repeat round 31 for other side. Finish off. Sew 5 st’s together on each side.



Attach yarn at top corner of shoulder hdc around evenly until you get to about halfway up the arm, (you can use a shirt or have the child try it on). Count your st’s Divide that number by 4 and subtract 2 the number you get is how many times you hdc before you decrease. So mine would be 36 st’s /4=9-2=7, that would look like this.

1 hdc in next 7 st’s, 1 hdc dec in next st, repeat to end.


Now after you have done your decrease round you will hdc around until arm is as long.



Attach yarn to inner corner, 1 hdc around, ch-1, hdc in same st, 1 hdc in each st to end. You will continue to hdc until the hood is pass top of head. Finish off leave a long tail for sewing.



Starting at bottom right corner of sweater attach yarn and evenly work up and around the hood to other end of sweater. Then you will do 3 to 4 rows of fpdc and bpdc, finish off, or you can just do 3 to 4 row of hdc to finish, make sure you sl st with each row.

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