Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Fox Sweater


Red Heart- Carrot and Mushroom
Caron Simply Soft- White
Size H-5.0 mm hook

Yarn needle
6 Buttons

Ch with pink ch 76.
Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each st to end. (75)
Row 2– 5: Ch 2, Fpdc in next st, Bpdc in next st, repeat to end.
Row 6– 35: Start with white, ch 2, hdc in each st. Do not cut the yarn. (75)
Row 36: Ch 2, hdc in next 15 st’s, turn (15)
Row 37: Ch 2, hdc in to last 2 st’s dec, turn.
Row 38: Ch 2, dec, hdc in each st, turn.
Repeat rows 37-38 until you get to 48 rows. (3)
Finish off leave long tail for sewing, repeat for other side.

Back part
Row 36: Skip 5 st’s, hdc to last 2 st’s.
Row 37 – 48: Ch 2, hdc in each st. Finish off. (36)
Now you will fold the front sides in and line them up with the edges of the back sew the shoulder, starting on the outside going in, sew front to back for 5 sts on each side.

Attach yarn close to outer corner, Ch-2, hdc in same st you attach yarn, hdc in each st to end. You will continue to hdc until the hood is pass top of head. Finish off leave a long tail for sewing.

Sleeves- Make 2
Attach yarn anywhere on armhole with sl st. Work 40 st’s around armhole.
Row 1-3: Hdc in each st. Do not join, use a stitch marker. (40)
Row 4: Hdc in next 8 st’s, dec, repeat to end. (36)
Row 5-14: Hdc in each st around (36)
Row 15: Hdc in next 4 st’s, dec, repeat to end. (30)
Row 16-20: Hdc in each st. (30)
Row: 21: Hdc in next 3 st’s, dec, repeat to end. (24)
Rows 22 – 30: Hdc in each st. (24)
Change Colors- Mushroom
Rows 31 – 34: Fpdc in next post, bpdc in next post, repeat to end.

Starting at bottom right corner of sweater attach Pink color yarn and evenly work 135 st’s up and around the hood to other end of sweater. Then you will do 3 rows of fpdc and bpdc, finish off.

Outer Ear (make 2)
With orange, ch 2, 3 sc in second st.
Round 1- 3 sc in each st. (9)
Round 2- 1 sc in next 2 st’s, 3 sc in next st repeat to end. (15)
Continue to work in rounds until outer ear measures 4 inches, inner ear should measure 2 ½ inches. You will take the inner ear and put it on top of the outer ear and sew them together, then 1 hdc around ear with mushroom color, then do sl st’s around ear. Fasten off. Leave a long tail to attach to hood. Sew ears on to hood. Sew on buttons. Enjoy.

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