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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Baby Jacket


Size I 5.5mm hook
Yarn Needle
Big Twist Yarn White and Black 
Black buttons

Note: For smaller or bigger size use smaller or bigger hook,

Ch 60,
Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and next 6 chs, DC ch 1 DC in next st, DC in next 10chs, DC ch 1 DC in next st, DC in next 20 chs, DC ch1 DC in next st, DC in next 10 chs, DC ch1 DC in next ch, DC in last 6 chs.

Rows 2-7: ch 2 turn, DC in each DC, putting DC ch1 DC in each ch1 space.

Row 8: Ch 1 turn, sc across to first ch1 sp, sc in space, skip to next sp, sc in space and each dc across to next sp, sc in sp, skip to next sp, sc in sp and each st across to end. (Armholes made.)

Row 9: ch 2 turn, dc in each st to underarm, put 2dc in each of 2 underarm sts. Dc across, repeat for second underarm, dc to end.

Rows 10-30: ch 2, dc around, Finish off

Note: You can make it as long as you like.

With black, join yarn anywhere.

Row 1: Dc in every st, make are as long as you need last two rows should be done in white, repeat for other arm.

Bottom and Neck trim:
Join anywhere with white, do two rows of sc.  Finish off.

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