Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Crochet Blanket

Size: King 78x80in
Size: Queen 60x80in
Size: Twin 40x75in
Size: Rectangle 36x48in
Size: Square 36x36in

1. Chunky Yarn, I used Big Twist
2. Size H Crochet Hook, Use the Hook that best fits your Chunky Yarn
3. Just a little note, I have just started this blanket and I have already went through 4 balls of yarn and I'm doing the King Size.
Ch,until you reach 60in
Row 1-8: Ch 2, Hdc to end, Repeat
Row 9-16: Change color, Ch 2, Hdc to end, Repeat

Continue pattern until you reach 80in, putting 8 rows of Hdc each time you change your color.

 This is my blanket so far and it is 2/26/16, I added one row of orange and every 32 rows I will put in one row of a different color.

 This is only half way done and it is 6/6/16 I know I should be almost done with this but I had projects to do in between.

All done 6/24/16 took a while but i got it done, this going to be a great for when winter come around.

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